Price of Fortacin Spray for Premature Ejaculation

How much does Fortacin cost?

Fortacin Spray was recently launched in the UK. Over the last week, several news papers have covered the new treatment.

Fortacin Spray is the first medicine indicated for the treatment of premature ejaculation. It is a prescription only medicine, meaning you will need to request a prescription before buying it. You can request a private prescription from Online Doctor websites such as Doctor-4-U.

Price of Fortacin Spray

Online prices are currently set to £49.99 for a 5.0 ml container. From one container you will get approximately 12 doses.

Fortacin Discount Tip

A multi buy discount automatically applies when you buy 3 bottles of Fortacin from Doctor-4-U.

3 bottles are £144.99, saving you £5 compared to ordering 1 bottle at 3 separate occasions.

What is included in the price?

When ordering online, the prescription price is usually included in the cost of the treatment. Most commonly this also includes any delivery charges.

As online prescriptions are based on patient or customer requests, the cost will only be charged if your order is approved by the doctors. If for some reason the doctor does not find your selected treatment suitable or safe, you will not be charged.

Certain websites will charge you as you place your order, but will refund the full amount if the order gets declined by the doctors.

Where Can I Buy Fortacin in the UK? can recommend Doctor-4-U as a trusted partner. Click the link below to read more or request your private prescription.

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Doctor-4-U uses a UK based pharmacy to dispense all medicines. Also, the site is regulated by MHRA and its doctors are all registered with the General Medical Council.

What is the Difference Between Emla and Fortacin?

Uncovering the Difference between Emla and Fortacin Spray

Up until now, a common practice for treating Premature Ejaculation has been to prescribe Emla Cream. Although Emla Cream is not indicated for the treatment of premature ejaculation, some doctors prescribe it ‘off label’ to provide temporary relief.

Now a new product has entered the market. And it is officially indicated for the treatment of premature ejaculation in adult men. If you have previously used Emla Cream or tablets such as Priligy, then Fortacin may be the better option for you.

Find out the Difference between emla and fortacin for premature ejaculation.

What is Emla Cream?

Emla Cream is a local anaesthetic and is used to numb the skin before procedures such as blood tests, injections or during minor surgery. Because of its numbing properties, you can also use it to decrease sensitivity of the penis in men suffering from premature ejaculation.

However, the main purpose of Emla Cream is not not treat this condition and the medicine is unlicensed for this purpose.

What is Fortacin Spray?

Fortacin is a fairly new product on the market. It is indicated for the treatment of premature ejaculation in men over the age of 18. For Fortacin to be prescribed the condition should be lifelong. This means that if you only ever suffer from irregular occasions of premature ejaculation, you are unlikely to benefit from using Fortacin.

What is the difference between Emla Cream and Fortacin?

1. The Effect

Even though they contain the same active ingredients, Fortacin has been produced to reduce the sensitivity of the glans penis instead of numbing it. Fortacin essentially keeps you going for longer, without affecting the sensation of ejaculation.

2. The Onset of Action

Another key difference is the onset of action. This refers to the time a medicine or treatment needs before it is effective. You are recommended to apply Emla 30 minutes before intercourse, while you only need 5 minutes for Fortacin to be effective.

3. Ease of Use

Emla Cream should always be applied wearing protective gloves. As Fortacin is a spray, it is easily applied directly from the container.

Fortacin can be ordered online from UK registered and MHRA approved online doctor site Doctor-4-U.

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How many Doses per Bottle of Fortacin?

Fortacin Recommended Dose

If you are looking at ordering Fortacin online, you may want to know how many doses there are per container. Knowing how much use you can get out of each order can help you plan ahead.

The recommended dose for Fortacin is 1 dose (1 dose equals 3 sprays) before intercourse or sexual activity.

Allow at least 4 hours between doses, and do not exceed more than 3 doses in any 24 our period.

Doses per Container

Each 6.5 ml Fortacin container delivers a minimum of 20 doses.

If used an average of 3 times per week, 1 container of Fortacin will last approximately 6 weeks.

Source: Fortacin Summary of Product Characteristics